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Deposit is due at the time of booking. You will have 24 hours from the time you receive the invoice to pay the deposit or the invoice will be canceled. The invoice is set up with the option to pay just the deposit or pay in full. Once deposit has been paid, any changes to the order will be at an additional cost. Changes will only be allowed up to 7 days prior to event. Any changes after that will not be accepted. By paying the agreed deposit, you have agreed to the terms and conditions listed above.

All deposits are nonrefundable!

Final Payment

The final payment is due 1 week before the scheduled pick up or delivery. If the final payment is not received by the scheduled due date, it will be canceled. Any order under $100 must be paid in full at the time of booking.


T2S Creations LLC is not responsible for any product once it has been picked up or delivered as the customer will be supplied with transporting and care instructions upon arrival. 

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Shipping is available for certain items only. Customer will be given the shipping rate the day that the order is shipped and must be paid before tracking number is sent. All shipped orders will be overnight shipping except for custom cookies as they can be shipped 2-day priority mail. Shipping is available during summer month, however, please be mindful of the weather and no refunds or replacements will be given if items are damaged in transit.

Rush Fees

Rush fees will be applied to any order placed under 10 days from the date of the scheduled delivery or pickup. The rush fee ranges from 25% to 50 % of the total price of the order.

 Any order placed under 10 days from the event must be paid in full including the rush fee.

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